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The Ultimate Tool for FPS Games

CYCLOPS is result of a project aiming to create a high precision hands free controller for gaming consoles that gives you the best experience ever while playing first person shooter games.


why not the existing control methods?

As the demand for a better gaming experience  pushes the gaming industry to develop further, the need for a more advanced controlling method increases.

Popular Methods

Currently, there are two popular controlling methods for playing first person shooter games. The method of mouse and keyboard, and gamepads on gaming consoles.


So which method is better for FPS games?

As for the first person shooter games, many pro gamers find it much better using keyboard and mouse compared to gamepad as it can be annoying. However gamepads have their own benefits.


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Mouse & Keyboard

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1.ERGONOMIC: The farther from the center, the more intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury during long term use  2.RESPONS TIME: The amount of time needed to aim for shooting without the help of Aim-assist  3.ACCURACY: Ability to shoot the target without mistake 4.COST: The average cost to  purchase the device(s)  5.NAVIGATION:  Act of walking through the environment and changing direction.

Our Solution?

“CYCLOPS” It’s quite simple! Imaging pairing your gamepad with a mouse that tracks your head movements…



Cyclops project started as an idea to improve the experience of playing FPS games using the comfort of your gamepad and precision of a mouse while chilling on your sofa. Cyclops is equipped with a high precision monochrome imaging processor which gives it the ability to track an infrared light positioned in front of it up to 200 times per second. Here is how it works:


We’re still building...

This product is being built for FPS gamers. For creating CYCLOPS we’ve set our standards high and we are aiming to deliver the best gaming experience to FPS fans. We’ve created 5 fully functioning prototype so far and currently programming CYCLOPS to improve its performance to reach anyone’s expectations.


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